5 Fast Lamb Recipes for Busy Families by California Lamb

5 Fast Lamb Recipes

air fry lamb chops with poblano peppers

Hey busy parents! We’re thinking of you, and the limited time you have to prepare meals. This is why we’ve started adding cook times to our recipes. Here is a list of quick recipes for busy Spring days!

  • Take 35min or less
  • Less mess
  • Common ingredients

Check out these quick recipes!

1. Breakfast: Ground Lamb Breakfast Hash (Time: 25 minutes)

2. Appetizer: Lamb Kabobs (Time: 25 minutes)

3. Entree: Lamb Chops with Fennel Beet and Citrus (Time: 35 minutes)

4. Entree: Lamb Chops with a Poblano Sauces (Time: 35 minutes)

5. Entree: Skillet Huevos Rancheros with Lamb (Time: 30 minutes)

Pro-tip: Make freezer meals ahead of times

Also check out the post for Kid Friendly Recipes. All are also under 30 minutes!