The California Lamb Buying Guide - A resource guide

The California Lamb Buying Guide

California Lamb is locally produced, sustainably raised, and absolutely delicious. Here are some tips, tricks, and resources to help you become a lamb buying expert!

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Always in season, California lamb’s unique tenderness, taste, and leanness can be attributed to favorable year-round growing conditions. While some cuts such as rack and loin are frequently reserved for special occasions, there are many value cuts that are perfect for everyday dining. Shoulder and rib chops can be grilled or broiled in minutes. Ground lamb is a flavorful alternative for ground beef, pork or poultry in any applications from savory Italian meatballs to Asian lettuce wraps, from sizzling burgers to steaming hot chili and beyond. And value cuts such as shoulder, shanks and stew meat are ideal for slow cookers and hot pots. So next time you are pondering “what’s for dinner” consider California Lamb. For more information, visit our cuts and serving page.


Not only tasty and tender, California Lamb is also a nutrient-dense food and excellent source of Vitamins B12, niacin, zinc and selenium. It’s a responsible choice you can feel good about! Learn more here.

Buying Tips

When buying locally produced lamb, let color be your guide. Look for meat with a soft pink to red color and white marbling. Most likely fresh chops, legs, shanks and ground lamb are displayed, but if you don’t see your favorite cut of local lamb, just ask for it! Check out our buying and storing page for additional tips.


Sold on California lamb, but still not sure how to prepare it? Don’t be intimidated. Lamb is as easy to prepare and fun to cook! When cooked properly, lamb is flavorful and juicy, and the methods for preparing it are no different than those you use for beef and pork. Check out our simple to prepare recipes page.

Where to Purchase

For a list of retail stores that carry California Lamb, visit our where to purchase lamb page.