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Cuts of Lamb

Sirloin or Leg of Lamb - These most popular cuts of lamb can be purchased bone-in, boneless, rolled and tied, or butterflied. The leg is sometimes sliced into thick lamb sirloin steaks. Great for grilling, the leg meat is so tender and juicy it is ideal for dry heat cooking or roasting, but also stays moist and delicious after long, slow braising.

The Sirloin, a very tender cut, can be roasted whole. It may also be cut into shoulder chops or cubes for slow-braised casseroles or tasty kabobs.

Rack of Lamb, a very popular restaurant dish, is very easy to prepare at home. When all of the meat is trimmed from the end of the bones, whole rack or individual rib chops cut from the rack, it is called frenched. A crown roast is created by bending two or more whole rib sections into a circular shape and tying securely.

The Loin, sometimes referred to as the saddle, is an elegant cut that can be served in a number of ways -- sliced into boneless chops or distinctive T-bone chops, or as a boneless loin roast.

Shanks may be from either the fore or hind legs, and are best when cooked slowly by a moist heat method, e.g., braising, slow-cooker or in casseroles, to yield moist, mouthwatering and fork-tender meat.