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California Lamb





Roasted                                      Marinated
Grilled                                         Rubbed
Smoked                                      Stuffed

California lamb is the perfect fit for any meal.


Its mild flavor bursts to life with just a sprinkle of salt, pepper and garlic.
Or it fits today’s bold flavor food trends with a simple change of herbs, spices and marinades, making.

The Thrill of Lamb on the Grill

Lamb is a favorite meat and grilled around the world. From the

Increasing interest in ethnic foods makes lamb a favorite grilling choice here, too.
Lamb's rich full-flavor stands up to the kiss of flame and the heat of fire, so the grill is its best friend.

For quick and easy meals, select cuts like chops, butterflied leg, and fillets or strips; grill over direct heat. Thicker cuts, such as whole legs and shoulders take more time, so sear and move to an area of indirect heat.

For a change of pace, try smoking whole legs or shoulder roasts. Flavor with a dry rub, or inject with a marinade, sear over high heat, add chips and take it slow and low, checking for doneness with a meat thermometer.

Tips for Cooking Lamb

For even more tips on grilling lamb, visit the American Lamb Board's grilling page at